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Register your yacht under Polish flag


Register your tender under Polish flag


Register your Jet Ski's under Polish flag

Poland Flag Registration

Why should I register my boat under Polish Flag?

Polish License
Personal or Private Use

Personal or Private Use

You can register your boat in Poland under personal or company name

Valid For Life

Valid For Life.

No annual renewals are needed and no annual yacht taxes are applicable

Low Price = 395 Eur

Low Price = 395 Eur

Low price boat registration for boats, tenders, and jet-ski’s under the Polish Flag.

Valid Everywhere!

Valid Everywhere!

It's a valid European Union (EU) flag registration and is fully acceptable worldwide

Available In 2-5 Days!

Available In 2-5 Days!

We will have your provisional registration done in 2-5 days and it will be legal to use already

No Restrictions

No Restrictions

No maritime restrictions or distances apply on Polish flagged vessels

Private, Bareboat & Commercial

Private, Bareboat & Commercial

We can register your boat as Private, Bareboat & Commercial use – it is the same price

Private, Bareboat & Commercial

No Boat Survey

No boat surveys are needed for boats that are less than 24m

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Let the professionals take care of your registration.

Let our multilingual staff in Poland take care of your provisional registration in just 2-5 days. We have been helping hundreds of people to get their boat registered in Poland and have good contact with the local authorities which are based just around the corner.

We are available 7 days a week and can be reached by tell, email or chat in your own language. Our clients are from all over the world as most countries have a very complicated and expensive boat registration procedure but by having their boat registered in Poland this can be avoided.


Our prices are all-inclusive



. 0-6.99 m
. 7.00-11.99 m
. 12.00-24.00 m
. Polish MMSI

We’ve proud trusted clients.

Tim Gotti


I bought a boat in Spain but choose to avoid the cost and 3 months of paperwork by registering my boat in Poland. Best decision ever!

Brian Newsome

San Remo

Thank you, for your fast registration! I was stuck in a marina in Italy and these guys got my new registration in 48 hours.

Frederico Guilbert


Flawless service, done for the price stated online, in the time period, and document delivered on time within 2-5 days

Brad Foreman


Highly recommended. It was a very fast communication, all the people I communicate with are polite, proffesional and specialist in their field.


We accept all major payment methods

  • card visa
  • card mastercard
  • card american-express
  • Paypal


How do I de-register my Dutch ICP registration?

The de-registration process is very simple, kindly send us a scanned copy of your Dutch ICP at info@boatandyachtregistration.com
The address will be advised via email/whatsapp where you can send back the original ICP.

Can I become a dealer for Polish Yacht Flag?

Polish Yacht Registration is always looking for new dealers to work with, please contact us by filling out the contact us form here: https://www.polish-yacht-registration.com/dealers-wanted.html

Does my boat need a CE certificate/ CE plate to register in Poland?

If your boat is built before 16th of June 1998, does not require to have a CE certificate or CE plate.

Can I register my Jet Ski with the Polish flag?

Yes, you can register for the same price and receive the same services.

Do I need any inspections for my commercial yacht with Polish registration?

We take care of your commercial registration certificate. Once you have received the registration document from us, you need to contact one of the following recognized organizations that can perform an obligatory survey after registration.
You can contact a recognized organizations that can perform the mandatory survey/safety card: https://www.prs.pl/branch-offices-and-representatives-abroad

How can I De-register my Polish registered boat?

We can help you remove your boat from the Polish register:
Please make an order for the deletion using this link: https://www.boatandyachtregistration.com/yacht-registration-under-the-polish-flag.html

  • Select Delete, modify, or change of ownership of an existing Polish flag option.
  • 299.00 EUR - Polish Deletion Certificate

Send us the original plastic registration card to our office and via email.

What boating license is accepted in Polish waters?

Regarding your concern about the boating license, you would need to contact local authorities for this information. Poland accepts any license to operate the boat commercially (if it is stated on the license that is for commercial use) but only in Polish waters.
If the boat is outside Polish waters, it will depend on the country where the boat is being used.

What kind of license do I need for my boat?

Boats up to 7.5 meters - No license
Boats from 7.5 meters - 12 meters - Sailing license
Boats from 12 meters - 18 meters - Yacht skipper license
Boats over 18 meters - Captain license

Is the translation included in your fee?

Yes, in our price all translations into Polish are included, if you have an ICP registration we will cancel it for you for free.

Can you please help me transfer the boat?

We can help you to ship your yacht. We cover the top 20 sailing areas and many more. To get you an exact quote, we just need a little information, please fill in the form here https://www.boatandyachtregistration.com/ship-your-yacht.html and we will get back to you asap.

Can I register my homebuilt boat to fly the Polish flag?

Yes, you can.

How long does it take to register? (Make changes in the existing FAQ)

We can provide your provisional registration in 2-5 days or 24 hours with express service once all mandatory documents are supplied and the payment is made. The provisional is already fully valid with your vessel. The permanent registration can take up to 4 weeks.

Can I get a Polish Radio Station License for my portable VHF radio?

You can register the following the devices: radio vhf + optional: radar, epirb, transponder and radar. Portable devices like portable VHF radio cannot be registered in Poland as the Polish authorities do not require a MMSI license for portable devices.

Can I use a MMSI number from the UK with my Polish registered yacht?

No, this is not permitted by the OfCom of the UK and not permitted by the Polish authorities. All vessels registered in Poland must have a Polish Ship Radio License to use VHF/DSC and other radio devices.

Once the Polish MMSI license is being issued, is it possible to register a new equipment under the same MMSI number?

Yes, if owner wants to add a new equipment or change address or name of the boat, they will have to follow the same process. Processing time, cost will remain the same.
What type of radio operator license is acceptable?
Your radio operator license must be approved and issued by the ITU, state administration or RYA.

Can you help me find the buyer of my boat?

We will help you to find the right buyer for your boat. Please fill out the form here and we will contact you at the earliest: https://www.boatshed.com/aboutus/sell-my-boat?referrer=14266510


What paperwork is needed

Most common questions about Poland yacht registration

Documents required for the Pleasure Registration of a vessel:

During the online registration process for a Polish boat registration, we require the following documents:
  • 1. Owner’s identity document in case of a private individual or proof of identity of all directors in case of a company
  • 2. Proof of ownership / sale agreement (invoice, sales agreement, bill of sale or notary statement)
  • 3. Copy/Scan of one of the following documents: CE certificate of the yacht OR tonnage certificate OR builders certificate OR survey report OR yacht
During the online registration process for a Polish boat registration, we require the following documents:

In case your documents need translations, we will take care of this and it is INCLUDED in our fee.

  • If the boat is made in 1998 or after, a picture of the CE plate, picture of Hull number and CE Certificate is needed. (If you you cannot supply us with these mandatory documents, for most vessels we will be able to assist you to obtain them)
  • If your vessel if over 14 meters in length, we need a copy of your vessels CE certificate OR Builders Certificate / OR any other document showing the dimensions of the vessel.
  • Picture of the engine with the engine number or CE certificate of the motor.

Can I register my boat in Poland, if I do not live in Poland?

Yes you do not have to be a resident or citizen of Poland or even the EU / EEA to register under Polish flag. Due to a recent change, anybody can register a boat under the Polish flag and hold the boat under their personal name. Example: an Italian or Russian citizen can register their boat under Polish flag and it makes no difference where the boat is located.

Are there any maritime restrictions like in Spain & Italy?

No, when you have your boat registered under Polish flag you have to comply with the Polish legislation and Poland does not restrict your maritime distances like many other countries do.

Can I still get insurance for my boat under Polish flag?

Yes, most major boat insurance companies cover Polish flagged vessels. We work with several large insurance companies and can help you get a low cost insurance for your boat. Just click on the order form that you would like a no obligation quote for your vessel.

Do I need to pass any inspections or surveys?

No, the Polish registration does not require any surveys if your vessel is under 24 meters in length.

Is my captain license from another country valid if I am under Polish flag

Yes, your UK RYA, Spanish, French, Italian and other licenses are valid when you are registered under Polish flag as you are dealing with Polish legislation.

Latest posts

Latest news about Polish yacht registration

March, 2021
All Nationalities now accepted in Poland

Poland has now decided they will accept all nationalities for Polish Yacht Registration , you therefore no longer need to setup an EU company if you are not an EU citizen. However, if you prefer to setup a company for privacy or liability reasons we can still do so or you can use your current company.

August, 2020
Receive your provisional registration in 2-5 days

The Polish maritime authorities have introduced a provisional registration that is legally valid while you wait for your permanent registration. We can arrange your provisional Polish yacht registration in 2-5 days!

June, 2019
Registration for life and valid worldwide

The Polish registration is valid for life and will never have to be renewed which makes it a great deal with the low setup cost from €390,-. It is also valid worldwide with no restrictions.